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I feel like you guys were inspired by Tron a little bit for this one.

Just in time for America's Thanksgiving!

Yup yup, yup, that about sums up every f2p mmo out there.

Well done with this, animaion was great, good comedy value, and brilliant music.

5 5 Fav Awesome job!

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Can't even move around.

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Quite a nice little game here, but I found a bug accidentally at the very end.

When you press X after drifting off o sleep, another cat will show up, insert the wrench, and go to sleep as well. Apparently by doing this, you can stack cats.

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The game is fun and all, but I really only found one problem with it, and that came whenever you got a new medal. The game suddenly takes on some serious lag, which immediately downplays any strategy in avoiding your ex's special moves for a considerable amount of time. I had to sit for several moments with a dead Chet as the girls kept tossing their stuff at me.

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I'm running out of compliments...

5 5 Fav Download

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Ok, I know you're awesome when it comes to remixing Zelda tunes and keeping the original rhythm, but this, this right here, is fucking brilliant, and I believe it shall be my new favorite of yours. The drops were excellent, even varied as they were, which really made me bop my head along to the tune. If I could rate this higher than what Newgrounds limits us to, I'd call you God.

5 5 Fav Download
Blew me away from the first note.

What can I say?

Although I don't hear much of your original compositions nowadays, this was a good callback to them, absolutely stunning in every aspect.

5 5 Fav Download

dj-Jo responds:

Thank you DarkAlmighty
I always appreciate your reviews

Thanks for listening to me for so long xD

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Really awesome, love every one of them!
Interesting how you only have one knight in there.

kmau responds:

Glad you like them!
I just couldn't come up with another character design on which that hat looks good on.

Pretty nice, but still think his skin tone is too dulled down.

I wonder how she'd fare on facebook.

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