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So damn hot! Oh wait, that's her solar orb...

Love how you included the symbols on the PS controller as well as the iconic power light. Nice job there!

Awesome dude, can't wait for the movie!

lol I saw wut you did there.


Very cute! I just love thewhole concept.

But most of all...


Damn, that's awesome! I love the feel of it, sort of a city apocalypse/steampunk type. The two in front are well-executed, and the colors are phenomenal! I'd like to know what's goin' on in the back too, kinda looks like a lazer show meets floating fortress.

5/5 All and fav!

Waterflame responds:

hehe thanks! :D

Nice gag. Sort of a break from boobs while still applying the innuendo. Nice!

*whistles* DAMN, that's some good art! I love how it looks somewhat realistic, which offers a little variety to your usual style.

I think Eira's my favorite of yours.

Yeah, I'm wondering too how you pictured her before this. Yeah, the head is nice, and the eyes are cute (hairbow adds nice effect) but then I look down to the neck and below and begin to question, which way is she facing? One could say she has her back to us, but the way the hair is, and where the neck meets the shoulders seems like she's facing us. I'm not sure how much help the arm is, since I only see one, and though it's the left arm, I still think she has her front facing us whenever I go back to the neck or hair. It seems like some sort of amalgamation of direction here.

Maybe if you touched this up in a sort of second version, you could fix the points I noted, and work on the background too.

All in all, it's still good art, so I'll give it a 3/5 all.

Still as sexy as ever!

Hm. Not exactly your best...
Maybe if it was just one panel, it might have worked better.

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