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Boob Sandwich! I call the balogna!

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I can't help but be drawn to the tongue whenever I look at this, which generated a response in my head; Gene Simmons, eat your heart out.

This probably would've looked better with a slim figure, but that might just be me.
Anyway, it's still pretty decent.

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I agree with the guy below, this might have been funnier with the text, but it's still great for someone of your calibur when it comes down to the boobs.

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This sure is a change from her cartoony, and somewhat innocent appearance in the games. She looks a lot more daring and slightly badass in this. Great work!

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dommi-fresh responds:

thanks i thought she should get a lil make over

Ha, classic. Video games are like a vacuum, sucking you in with...stuff.

I agree with the guy below, the expression is nice, cute, the lights (and lack thereof) means she's hooked on it. Really great.

One question, is that a fuse on her ponytail?

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Jcdr responds:

Kinda, her hair catches a small flame.

I'd expect nothing less from you, your art is amazing, I love your cast of characters, it's just all so awesome.

Oh, and boobies, I like!


That's some awesome stuff right there!
I just like to know why you named it what you did, is it supposed to be metaphorical or something?


I totally agree with the user below me 100%

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It's not bad,

Could definitely use some touching up.
I'm just wondering what's with the guns. They seem out of place.

Pretty good!

I agree with MaskDeUH on the proportion bit, while the upper arm looks normal, the forearm seems kinda stretched like taffy, though just a bit. The legs are a different story, one could say they're disproportionate, and a little wide, or that she is wearing really baggy pants.
I kinda like the shoes, they seem to fit well with the rest of the pic.

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