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Simply Love It!

I don't know much about your characters, but what I've seen so far in your gallery, I can say you picked the right pair for this.
And I say, the title isn't half-bad.

Never played the game,

but Exdeath must've been a charming dude if you picked him for a gender swap.

5/5 10/10 Fav
All 3= Awesome

Jcdr responds:

On the contrary, he's a Void-obsessed evil tree wearing a full body armor.

Milk forever!

Not only does it build strong bones, it's sexy!

Haha, funny

Love how she turns on the artist (I'm guessing you? lol)
Like the style of it as well, very cool.


That's very good, I like the complementary red background and leaves falling, they add a nice touch to the picture. The girl looks great too. Kinda reminds me of Schala from Chrono Trigger, but that may just be the color scheme you hae here.

5/5 10/10 Fav


I gotta ask, what was going through your mind when you drew this? I'm not trying to bring you down, it's just that this is quite the, um, combo... <.<

Well whaever your reasons, it's amazing. 5/5 10/10

voxmortemcg responds:

I figured I wanted to show something emerging from huge mess/chaos, maybe show how creation process can be done. Nothing deep behind it (which explains naked woman :) ) but I had some fun enhancing simple composition with circles or motion

Holy Cow.

I envy you in your skill...
That aside, this is incredible. No other words can describe it.


Just. WOAH. This is some amazing shit right here, I'm not gonna lie!
What is that on the tattoo though? I keep coming back to that instead of admiring the rest of the picture. (But maybe that's just me)

Confusing or not,

it's still a great piece of work, well done!
I really like the...style, (I guess you could say) for her appearance, looks really demonic, which is something I like to look for!

just have 1 itty-bitty question; why no mouth?

Overall, great piece of work, 5/5, 10/10, though I wish I could give more!

amyrenee responds:

Thank you! I am glad you like the picture so much.

As for the lacking of the mouth, like I said in the comment below this one, the girl is meant to represent a conscience. So in essence, a person's conscience is only thoughts, it doesn't actually talk. It's hard to explain but basically the girl cannot talk and communicates through thought. :D

Thank you for your review and voting!!!! :D


Rip that sign!
I would so get some of that action if I was 60 feet tall.

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